Pyrolysis Phenomena in Porous Media, Sept. 17-20, 2018

Join us at the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics !

Pyrolysis phenomena in porous media are encountered in a broad variety of high-temperature applications, ranging from thermal conversion processes, through fire protection to thermal protection systems for spacecraft. In the last decade, the state of the art has remarkably advanced in these research fields: numerous theoretical models, computational methods, and experimental facilities have been developed. However, despite strong similarity between these disciplines for their intrinsic physical problem, transfer of ideas, as well as comparison of simulation tools are still scarce.

The objective of this VKI Lecture Series is to allow several research groups with different background to work together and share good (and bad) ideas. The applications selected are: I. Thermal conversion of biomass into biofuel, II. Fire protections, and III. Thermal protection systems for spacecraft atmospheric entries. The series is tailored to provide professionals and students working and supporting industries and academic research a snap shot of the state of the art on pyrolysis phenomena in porous media. Prominent professors and scientists will present industrial challenges, modelling and simulation strategies, as well as experimental facilities for each application. The first three days, the course will be followed by technical presentations given by the participants on current challenges being addressed in their field of expertise. The fourth day is a workshop dedicated to round table discussions aiming at sharing the scientific challenges and developing a generic experimental-theoretical test case that will be used as a common progress ground.

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