The Porous material Analysis Toolbox (PATO) is a modular analysis platform for multiphase porous reactive materials. It can be run as a simple Fourier heat transfer code or include more advanced features as internal decomposition (pyrolysis, vaporization), gas-gas and gas-solid chemical interactions (combustion, cracking, coking), gas species transport (convection, diffusion), and solid morphology evolutions (internal density changes, surface ablation). PATO is implemented as a C++ top level module of the open source (GNU GPL) computational fluid dynamics software program OpenFOAM. PATO also uses the open source (GNU LGPL) thermodynamics, transport, and chemistry library Mutation++ produced by the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics.

Tutorials are provided for different types of geometries (1D, 2D, 2D-axi, 3D), boundary conditions (imposed temperature and pressure, convective boundary layer, coupled to external flow) and materials (metals, composites, wood).

PATO is distributed Open Source by NASA.


The goal of this website is to guide users and serve as a community hub.