Team & contacts

To contact us about PATO :

PATO was originally developed by a team of researchers at the NASA Ames Research Center (California) in collaboration with colleagues from the von Karman Institute (VKI) for Fluid Dynamics (Belgium).

Main developers : Dr. Jean Lachaud (now at the University of Bordeaux), Jérémie Meurisse (NASA Ames).

Project management : Dr. Nagi N. Mansour (NASA Ames)

Chemistry and gas transport (VKI library Mutation++) : Pr. Thierry E. Magin (VKI), Dr. J. B. Scoggins (currently at CMAP).

Contributors : Dr. Vincent Leroy (VKI), Max Döpke (VKI), Mohamed Rebhi (VKI, I2M), Dr. John Lawless (Redwood Scientific Inc.), Jérémy Mora-Monteros (EPFL), Alexis André (CEA), Dr. Cyril Levet (LCTS), Xavier Lamboley (LCTS), Marin Virey (ENSAM), Dr. Joshua Monk (NASA Ames), Pr. Cyrille Métayer (University of New Calédonia), Joseph Ferguson (NASA Ames), John Thornton (NASA Ames).

We would like to thank several colleagues and students for contributing to testing the code, reporting bugs and adding suggestions to our to-do list :  Ali Omidy (University of Kentucky), Dr. Francesco Panerai (NASA Ames), Dr. Ioana Cozmuta (NASA Ames), Kyle Hanquist (University of Michigan), Julien de Muelenaere (VKI, Stanford), Dr. Victor Pozzobon (Mines d’Albi), Fransciso Torres (VKI), Florent Anstett (C la Vie), Nikhil Banerji (EPFL), Dr. Eric Stern (NASA Ames), Pr. Pietro Congedo (INRIA Bordeaux), Michaël Rivier (INRIA Bordeaux), Xiaowen Qin (ENSMA, P’), Pr. Franck Richard (ENSMA, P’), Alessandro Turchi (VKI), Gregory Pinaud (ArianeGroup), Xavier Teiletche (ArianeGroup), Nathan Amrofel (University of Bordeaux), Inès Oudumaya (University of Bordeaux), Juliette Kerr (Bordeaux INP).

Finally, we would like to thank the OpenFoam community. In particular, Pr. Hrvoje Jasak and Dr. Henrik Rusche are gratefully acknowledged for their interest in PATO from the beginning and for their guidance during the second OpenFoam summer school (Numerical Modeling of Coupled Problems in Applied Physics with OpenFoam, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Zagreb, Croatia; 02–15 September 2009). PATO is currently based on OpenFOAM 7. Several lines of codes in PATO are inspired from tips and tricks found on forums and in OpenFoam-extend.