PATO releases

The NASA GitHub release repository for PATO is now available, offering access to the latest versions, source code, documentation, and collaborative development resources.

PATO version 3.1, August 16th, 2023.

Download link: pato-3.1.tar.gz

Release notes:

  • Updated to the latest version of Mutation++.
  • Improved the creation and referencing of fields and properties in the main PATO structure.
  • Added tutorials on Dakota and solid mechanics.
  • Created a utility to create B’ tables.
  • Strengthened the PATO coding style utility: “patoCodingStyle”.
  • Enhanced and expanded the unit-testing framework with additional tests.
  • Significant bug fixes in:
    • Solid mechanics, especially concerning elastic thermal, displacement, and boundaries.
    • Multiple tutorial corrections and enhancements.
    • Boundary conditions such as B’ table and Boundary Mapping.

PATO version 3.0, July 16th, 2022.

Download link: pato-3.0.tar.gz

Release notes:

  • Wrote a PATO version 3 User Guide.
  • New dependencies: Dakota (optimization, SA/UQ, …) and foam-extend (OpenFOAM fork with extended functionalities, such as solid mechanics models, …).
  • Updated environments and materials data.
  • Refactored the PATO model structure.
  • New PATO models:
    • Fluid Model with multiple thermodynamic models and CFD solvers.
    • IO Model to handle the I/O for run-, pre- and post-processing.
    • SolidMechanicsModel with multiple solid mechanics models.
  • New tutorials:
    • basics: compressibleDarcyForchheimer, solidDisplacementPyrolysisFoam, …
    • Dakota: inverse_analysis, sensitivity_analysis, …
    • foam-extend: orthotropicBlock.
  • New physical models: 2-temperature Forchheimer, 2-temperature Darcy, 2-temperature pyrolysis, finite-rate, …
  • New boundary conditions: coating B’ table, erosion, fixed displacement, …
  • New utilities: patoCodingStyle, replaceDakotaResults, runFunctions, …
  • Created a unit-testing framework.
  • Significant bug fixes in:
    • Boundary conditions: B’ table, Heat Flux, Volume Ablation, erosion, Darcy Flow, Fixed displacement, …
    • Physical models: Darcy Mass Model, Pyrolysis Energy Model, Tabulated Gas Properties Model, …

PATO version 2.3.1, November 6th, 2020.

Download link : PATO_v2.3.1.tar

Release notes :

  • Compilation bug fixes for Mac and Linux
  • Preview of features in development

PATO version 2.3.0, September 27th, 2019.

Download link : PATO_v2.3.0

Release notes :

  • Minor bug fixes (JL, JM, JoM, JT, JF, CL) 
  • Streamlined code architecture : material model divided into 10 sub-models and fluid model divided into 5 types (JM)
  • New utilities: patoManager (JM), unit-testing framework (JM, JF), sampling utility (JM)
  • Third party librairies : update of OpenFoam to version 7 (JM)
  • New solid model : solid mechanics (JL, MV, JM)
  • New basic solvers : compressibleDarcy (JL), heatTransfer (JL), solidDisplacementPyrolysisFoam (JL, MV)
  • New boundary conditions : solid mechanics BC for materials under pyrolysis (JL, MV)
  • New tutorials: series of 0D tutorials (JM), graded materials (JM), stack of porous materials (JL, JM), 1D wood cylinder under pyrolysis (JL, CM), coupled material-flow simulations on 2D cylinders (JL, AA).

Contributions to version 2.3.0 : Jean Lachaud (JL), Jérémie Meurisse (JM), Joshua Monk (JoM), John Thornton (JT), Joseph Ferguson (JF), Alexis André (AA), Cyril Levet (CL), Cyrille Métayer (CM), Marin Virey (MV).

PATO version 2.2.0, June 21, 2018.

Download link : PATO_v2.2.0

Release notes :

  • Minor bug fixes (JL, JLL, JM, JMM).
  • Streamlined installation guidelines (JL).
  • Solvers : improved finite-rate chemistry solver (JL), isothermal option (JL).
  • Boundary conditions : improved volume ablation BC (JL), surface (re)radiation included in coupled solid-fluid BC (MR, JL).
  • Material data : FiberForm (JL), Cork (AT), Iron (AT), SiC (MR).
  • New tutorials : demiseTestCase (JL, AT), coupledDemiseTestCase (MR, JL), carbonFiberOxidation (JL).

Contributions to version 2.2.0 : Jean Lachaud (JL), Jérémie Meurisse (JM), Jack Lawless (JLL), Mohamed Rebhi (MR), Alessandro Turchi (AT), Jeremy Mora-Monteros (JMM).

PATO version 2.1.0, October 3, 2017.

Download link : PATO_v2.1.0

Release notes :

  • Streamlined directory structure, including a new material and environment property database (JL).
  • Solvers : integration of a compressible (non-reactive) Navier Stokes solver (MD, VL, JL); option to model non porous materials (JL).
  • New boundary conditions : three dimensional mapped convective boundary condition interpolated in time and space (JM); fluid zone with temperature, heat flux, pressure and velocity couplings (MD, VL, JL).
  • Utilities : Tecplot files reader (JM).
  • ThirdParties : update of Mutation++ version (VL, JBS, JL).
  • New tutorials : Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) in 2D-axi including crucible (JL); Three dimensional heat shield (JM); Immersed Cylinder with flow coupling (MD, VL, JL).
  • Code verification, improved compilation scripts (VL, JLL, JL)

Contributions to version 2.1.0 : Jean Lachaud (JL), Jérémie Meurisse (JM), Max Döpke (MD), Vincent Leroy (VL), JB Scoggins (JBS), Jack Lawless (JLL).

PATO version 2.0.2, July 31, 2017.

Download link : PATO_v2.0.2