NASA release

NASA releases are done twice a year and integrate external contributions. They are frozen stable versions that are recommended for beginners.

NASA frozen version 2.2.0, June 21, 2018.

Download link : PATO_v2.2.0

Release notes :

  • Minor bug fixes (JL, JLL, JM, JMM).
  • Streamlined installation guidelines (JL).
  • Solvers : improved finite-rate chemistry solver (JL), isothermal option (JL).
  • Boundary conditions : improved volume ablation BC (JL), surface (re)radiation included in coupled solid-fluid BC (MR, JL).
  • Material data : FiberForm (JL), Cork (AT), Iron (AT), SiC (MR).
  • New tutorials : demiseTestCase (JL, AT), coupledDemiseTestCase (MR, JL), carbonFiberOxidation (JL).

Contributions to version 2.2.0 : Jean Lachaud (JL), Jérémie Meurisse (JM), Jack Lawless (JLL), Mohamed Rebhi (MR), Alessandro Turchi (AT), Jeremy Mora-Monteros (JMM).

NASA frozen version 2.1.0, October 3, 2017.

Download link : PATO_v2.1.0

Release notes :

  • Streamlined directory structure, including a new material and environment property database (JL).
  • Solvers : integration of a compressible (non-reactive) Navier Stokes solver (MD, VL, JL); option to model non porous materials (JL).
  • New boundary conditions : three dimensional mapped convective boundary condition interpolated in time and space (JM); fluid zone with temperature, heat flux, pressure and velocity couplings (MD, VL, JL).
  • Utilities : Tecplot files reader (JM).
  • ThirdParties : update of Mutation++ version (VL, JBS, JL).
  • New tutorials : Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) in 2D-axi including crucible (JL); Three dimensional heat shield (JM); Immersed Cylinder with flow coupling (MD, VL, JL).
  • Code verification, improved compilation scripts (VL, JLL, JL)

Contributions to version 2.1.0 : Jean Lachaud (JL), Jérémie Meurisse (JM), Max Döpke (MD), Vincent Leroy (VL), JB Scoggins (JBS), Jack Lawless (JLL).

NASA frozen version 2.0.2, July 31, 2017.

Download link : PATO_v2.0.2